Prosperity Soap

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This soap has psychoenergetic properties that stimulate the psychic field by fixing the energetic positive properties of the herbs.

Showering is a great natural remedy to alleviate negative everyday symptoms such as anxiety, stress and moodiness. It also helps against depression. Daily life is not easy at all, and most of the time all we want is to get home, have a shower, take all the tension out of our body and relax.

Just as we take our physical shower, we must also take our spiritual shower to remove dirt from our own Aura. This dirt or negative energies, which we accumulate daily (in spaces, places, contact with other people, etc.) cause delays, difficulties, impediments and obstacles, so it is essential to take care of our energetic body.

The purpose of the Sacred WE Healing soaps is to help maintain harmony, balance and peace by purifying and protecting the body and spirit from the negative influences that surround our being. They act directly on us, in our fields (spiritual and energetic body), removing the negative charges that prevent us from reaching our goals.

The Prosperity Soap is used to flourish physically, grow strong and healthy as well as succeed in material terms and be financially successful.

Small size: 3' x 2' 2 oz  3 moons  21 days

Large size: 4"x 4" 6.6 oz  6 moons  42 days


Before using the soap do not forget to consecrate it. 


As part of preparing your ritual shower, you can light your favorite incense and light a candle to make the experience more effective and enjoyable.

When using the soap be grateful for everything that you have right now, and everything that you will have.

Remember that prosperity manifests itself in ways other than money, such as new ideas, business improvement, job promotion, better housing conditions, company and happiness. And, above all, an influx of understanding of the Cosmic's unlimited resources to supply our needs.


"Infinite Spirit, open the way for my great abundance. I am an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to me by Divine Right."- Florence Scovel Shinn

• Be thankful for the presence of UNIVERSAL HELP.
• Prosperity visualization as a stream of which you participate.

After the shower you will:

• Deposit money in the "Prosperity Box". ( you will create a box and deposit money every day, for 40 days) The total amount deposited during the 40 consecutive days must be donated to a charity or a needy person.

A prayer for understanding the use of Abundance.

God of my heart, God of my understanding, surround me with the vibrations of Your Cosmic Power and bring to my mind broader understanding of the use of Abundance.
So be it!

Showers to attract prosperity work well when taken during or before dawn on a crescent or full moon.

This soap should be used after your regular shower from your neck down.

Never wipe your body with a towel, let it dry naturally, allowing the skin to absorb the energies and essences.


Base of your choice

Dried Sunflower Petals

Cinnamon essential oil

Cyperus rotundus (Nut Grass) grated


The Sunflower

The sunflower attracts happiness and the yellow or orange tones of the petals symbolize the power of fire, warmth, loyalty, enthusiasm and vitality, reflecting the positive energy of the sun.

For its beauty, the sunflower is much sought after for decor, but also brings luck and good vibes to the place where it is. It is a flower widely used in Feng Shui, as it has characteristics of the sun.

The sunflower is strongly associated with fame, success, longevity, nutrition, power and warmth. Offering a sunflower to a person who started a business expresses that person's desire for success and good fortune.

The mystic power of sunflower

In addition to its enchanting beauty, the sunflower flower has a mystical / energetic power that can heal our physical / spiritual body and launch true solar energy pumps to purify environments in which it resides.

In a holistic / spiritualistic view of the use of sunflower energies, the sunflower can serve as a link with the Sun's Spiritual Forces, serving as an Interdimensional Portal between the physical and the spiritual world.

The sunflower is very powerful for aiding in the burning astral baggage, removing thoughts that become energetically embedded in objects and purifying the atmosphere. If coupled with the power of our will and conscious intention to interact with your energies, the ability of your forces to act is exponentially enhanced.

Cyperus rotundus

We go through many situations in our day-to-day lives and sometimes we do not even realize that we are oftentimes surrounded by negative people and energy -- both within and outside of the home.

Cyperus rotundus works to remove these negative energies and achieve a state of greater tranquility and serenity. For this, it must be used from the neck down. It's always in your interest to lather your hands and feet a lot, as they are guiding members of our daily lives. In addition, it is beneficial to do the same with the chest and back, protecting us from any attack we may suffer, even during dreams.


Cinnamon is used in various recipes for its health benefits, but it is also used to attract positive energy to our home, mind and body. It is one of the oldest spices in the world and was once so prized that it was used as a gift to monarchs and other dignitaries. It is a great aphrodisiac and has mystical powers, being harnessed in magic.
In magic, cinnamon is recommended for healing, attracting money, increasing psychic powers, spiritual and physical protection, spiritual encounters, love, cleansing, success, purification, protection, blessings, improving communication, and in aiding meditation.



Treasured in many ancient civilizations, the Pyrite crystal stone meaning comes from the Greek word ‘ pry,’ which means fire. This fiery stone manifests male energy, that burning cauldron of passion that exists deep within the third eye chakra. Harnessing the masculine energy, the pyrite crystal meaning is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, which makes it an excellent addition to your office or workspace decor. Gaze upon the stone and remember your intention and its powerful healing properties. Whether it's to increase focus or to simply give you a an energetic boost, the Pyrite crystal stone gives you the strength and determination you need to take on challenging tasks.

Like a protective father figure, Pyrite shields, protects, and even helps you make thoughtful business decisions. Think of Pyrite as your financial advisor and life coach that encourages you to do more than just aspire for greatness but actually get things done. Make things happen instead of watching the world pass you by, the message of Pyrite and its power of persistence and commitment.

Healing Properties

To harness the powerful and protective vibes of Pyrite, give your self-confidence a boost when you use this warrior stone in a prosperity or aspiration healing layout. Incorporating several stones with Pyrite allows for even more powerful vibrations because it forms a union of energies between the stones using the ancient principles of sacred geometry.

The power of a healing grid works to reset the brain with new thinking. Old thinking results in the same old results, so get on board with healing crystals and get rid of any negative thought patterns. Combine Pyrite with other good luck stones like Citrine, Jade, and a Clear Quartz point to amplify the energy. Following the Zen tradition of meditation, position your stones on a white cloth and place a lit candle nearby to set the mood for an energizing and inspiring therapeutic session. Before you start, cleanse and purify the area and your stones with a sage stick, an ancient cleansing ritual used for thousands of years by the Native Americans.

For your wealth-attracting ritual, sit quietly with the stones for 20 minutes and contemplate your intention. In order to bring prosperity into your life, you must really want it. Send this message to your stones and the universe by visualizing a clear image of what you want to manifest in your life. Make it as real and detailed as you can, whether it's a bag of money, a Louis Vuitton handbag, or simply feeling the sand beneath your toes on the shores of an island paradise. Let the powerful energy of your abundance stones carry away self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts about yourself with every rhythmic and relaxing exhale. When you breathe in deeply, say an affirmation out loud using words like abundance and gratitude and create a daily mantra that rings true to your heart’s desire.

As you go deeper into meditation, the Pyrite crystal's healing properties help you focus with confidence, which leads to the profound belief that the things you desire will become a reality. The stone also encourages an attitude of gratitude, because remember – it's not happy people who are thankful but thankful people who are happy. Choose to be grateful and open the door to the power and wisdom of the universe. 

Protective Properties

Like a trusted bodyguard, Pyrite crystal properties protect the environment from negative energy, leaving your space free of bad vibes. In fact, it's one of the best Feng Shui crystals for encouraging money and abundance. A member of the metal elements, Pyrite is often featured in small cubes or clusters, giving your decor a dash of sparkle while bringing an energizing and optimistic energy to your space, one of the best cures for a lack of discipline.

Following the wise words of self-help guru and philosopher Wayne Dyer, "Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into." Include Pyrite in your gem collection and tune into a higher vibration, the simple formula for happiness and success.

Do not use it from Friday through Sunday, as these days can destabilize our spiritual harmony, creating noise and nullifying the grand effect of the shore soap.

Best if used during crescent or full moons.


The results are up to the universe and the karma of the person that uses it. We are not responsible for the magical results. The soaps are made based on the herbs properties found on books and traditions.

We are not claiming they are safe on the skin as some people can be allergic to some essential oils or herbs.

    You should also talk to your doctor before use if:

    • you’re pregnant
    • you’re breastfeeding
    • you want to administer to an infant or child under the age of 12
    • you have a scheduled surgery