Aura Cleaning Soap

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Showering is a great natural remedy to alleviate negative everyday symptoms such as anxiety, stress and moodiness. It also helps against depression. Daily life is not easy at all, and most of the time all we want is to get home, have a shower, take all the tension out of our body and relax.

Just as we take our physical shower,  we must also take our spiritual shower to remove dirt from our own Aura. This dirt or negative energies, which we accumulate daily (in spaces, places, contact with other people, etc.) cause delays, difficulties, impediments and obstacles, so it is essential to take care of our energetic body.

The purpose of the Sacred WE Healing soaps is to help maintain harmony, balance and peace by purifying and protecting the body and spirit from the negative influences that surround our being. They act directly on us, in our fields (spiritual and energetic body), removing the negative charges that prevent us from reaching our goals.

Small size: 3' x 2' 2 oz  3 moons  21 days

Large size: 4"x 4" 6.6 oz  6 moons  42 days



Before using the soap do not forget to consecrate it. 

(instructions: )

As part of preparing your ritual shower, you can light your favorite incense and light a candle to make the experience more effective and enjoyable.

When using this soap mentalize all negative energies being washed away and leaving your body. You can also can say a prayer if you wish.

Baths to clean the aura and remove bad energy should be taken at sunset time on the waning moon

This soap should be used after your regular shower from your neck down.

Never wipe your body with a towel, let it dry naturally, allowing the skin to absorb the energies and essences.



Base soap of your choice

Rue Essence

Coarse Salt

Dried Rue 



Rue is a powerful herb used in baths. It is used to toughly combat negative energies, envy, discouragement, emotional instability and spiritual obsessions. Rue cleans the aura and reverses negative energies into positive ones, fight small misfortunes that make our daily lives difficult, and is ideal for maintaining positivity and good energies in life.


You may have heard of coarse salt baths. This is a widely used ingredient for removing the evil eye, negative energy and envy, as well as for removing skin impurities, stimulating circulation and relaxation.

Coarse salt baths are especially effective for energy cleansing, taking away from the body any negative vibration that prevents us from progressing. Its use is indicated as a step before the herbal bath, as it will perform a spiritual cleansing after bathing with the mixture that carries the energy they need most.


Black Kyanite is one of the most efficient and powerful energy cleansing stones. It purifies the Aura and eliminates negative energies from the environment.

It also helps us visualize the Karma being created by the choices of the present, so as to assist us in our process of spiritual evolution.

A great stone against spells and dark magic, it blocks the spells and sends them back.

Therapeutic Effects

Emotionally, the black Kyanite helps remove emotional and energetic blockages that prevent us from following our lives fully and emanating happiness.

The black Kyanite helps balance our Ying-Yang energies. It helps to expel negative feelings and bring about emotions that were blocked by trauma or fears.

It also strengthens the healing and protective energies sent by our spirit guides, as it has a very strong healing energy and very deep spiritual cleansing.

How to Use the black Kyanite

For energy protection, purifying the Aura, raising your spirituality and protecting your energy field, use the black kyanite in your daily life.

To enhance the energy of the environment, attract spiritual energy and bring peace to the place, choose a good-sized black kyanite and leave it in your living room.

If you want to use its therapeutic effects, approach the site you want to treat for 30 minutes to 1 hour and visualize a blue-green light covering the area.


The results are up to the universe and the karma of the person that uses it. We are not responsible for the magical results. The soaps are made based on the herbs properties found on books and traditions.

We are not claiming they are safe on the skin as some people can be allergic to some essential oils or herbs.

    You should also talk to your doctor before use if:

    • you’re pregnant
    • you’re breastfeeding
    • you want to administer to an infant or child under the age of 12
    • you have a scheduled surgery