Energizing Soap

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Handmade soap to rebalance body and soul.

Showering is a great natural remedy to alleviate negative everyday symptoms such as anxiety, stress and moodiness. It also helps against depression. Daily life is not easy at all, and most of the time all we want is to get home, have a shower, take all the tension out of our body and relax.

Just as we take our physical shower,  we must also take our spiritual shower to remove dirt from our own Aura. This dirt or negative energies, which we accumulate daily (in spaces, places, contact with other people, etc.) cause delays, difficulties, impediments and obstacles, so it is essential to take care of our energetic body.

The purpose of the Sacred WE Healing soaps is to help maintain harmony, balance and peace by purifying and protecting the body and spirit from the negative influences that surround our being. They act directly on us, in our fields (spiritual and energetic body), removing the negative charges that prevent us from reaching our goals.

Small size: 3' x 2' 2 oz  3 moons  21 days

Large size: 4"x 4" 6.6 oz  6 moons  42 days


Before using the soap do not forget to consecrate it. 

(instructions: https://sacred-we.com/pages/how-to-consecrated )

As part of preparing your ritual shower, you can light your favorite incense and light a candle to make the experience more effective and enjoyable.

Imagine yourself being involved by a yellow light , yellow is a color that brings energy, excitement, concentration, attention and willpower.

You can also say a prayer if you wish.

Energizing shower should be taken during or before dawn on crescent or full moon.

This soap should be used after your regular shower from your neck down.

Never wipe your body with a towel, let it dry naturally, allowing the skin to absorb the energies and essences.



Base of your choice

Rosemary essence

Orange Rose petals

Fresh Mint



Roses have great energy power, they arouse romance, passion, sensuality and self-esteem. They bring inner peace and soothe feelings, offer protection, perform energetic cleansing effects, bring harmony, understanding of emotions, relaxation and tranquility. They are powerful allies for those who want to connect with the interior and not only transform all negative energy into positive energy but also attract good vibrations in love.

Orange Rose: enthusiasm, insight and focus



Rosemary is a solar plexus "stitcher". It quickly rebalance lost energy, give more structure for those who deal a lot with the rational mental. It is one of the herbs that help in depression and permanent states of tiring for emotional problems.

It also helps in the development of Inner Vision.

It acts on those who are suspicious, who do not believe in themselves, who do not have the courage to launch new projects. it is the herb of "eternal youth"


The energy contained in the mint's prana acts on the crown chakra, helping those who wish to have memories of past lives. Mint bathing has the power to give courage to help overcome fear.

Mint also increases psychic power, it is used in incantations to produce a positive turn in life. It has green, pink and violet aura. It releases the trapped energies by promoting their detachment. His musical note is Si. Associated with the cult of Aphrodite. Also used in spells to attract success and career advancement, to protect against dark magic and negativity, protection against dangers.

Its magical uses include the ability to heal relationships, calm difficult situations, and dissolve jealousy. In Greek mythology, Minthe was a lover of Pluto. Jealous Pluto's wife turned Minthe into the Mint plant.



Just like what the name suggests, bloodstone works with the energy of the blood, which contains the cells, DNA, and general life force energy. It is my top recommended stone to work with when it comes to low energy due to a lack of qi or physical vitality.

Along with helping to rebuild the blood and physical body, it also does wonders at resetting your neural pathways and strengthening the resilience of the mind. As science is discovering, physical illness often starts in the mind, and if you heal the mind you can heal many physical ailments. Bloodstone understands the mind-body connection and works with your mind to support the physical health you are striving for.

This process leads to an increase in your baseline sense of peace, joy, and harmony in your life – which are all states of mind in which your body can heal.

Bloodstone is a combination of chalcedony or green jasper and flecks of hematite causing red dots. The iron oxide showing as red is a symbol of blood, as human blood turns red when it is exposed to oxygen. As its appearance shows, bloodstone works well with building the blood and works especially well if your low energy stems from anemia.


The results are up to the universe and the karma of the person that uses it. We are not responsible for the magical results. The soaps are made based on the herbs properties found on books and traditions.

We are not claiming they are safe on the skin as some people can be allergic to some essential oils or herbs.

    You should also talk to your doctor before use if:

    • you’re pregnant
    • you’re breastfeeding
    • you want to administer to an infant or child under the age of 12
    • you have a scheduled surgery