How are the soaps made?

All Sacred WE soaps are made with natural herbs and ingredients to help you achieve your goals and desires.


What are Sacred WE soaps for?

Sacred WE soaps help clean our aura, remove the influence of negative forces and restore the balance between body, spirit and mind. They are also used to attract good energy in specific situations, protect against everyday illnesses and enhance feelings of love. 


Why should I use it?

Just as we take regular showers to clean our body, we must take energy showers to clean our aura (human energy field)

That dirt (or energies) are things that we accumulate daily (in spaces, places, contact with other people, etc.) and cause delays, difficulties, impediments and obstacles. The purpose of the Sacred WE soaps is to purify and protect the body and spirit from the negative influences that surround our being. They act directly on us, in our fields (spiritual and energetic) and create harmony, balance and peace while removing the negative burdens that prevent us from achieving our goals.


How can I use it?

Use the Sacred WE soap from your neck down, as you normally do in your shower. During this process, think of what you want (depending on the soap used). Then, rinse with running water as you release and remove all the negative and dense energies from your spirit body.


Can I use the soap everyday?

Sacred WE soaps are not to be used as a normal daily soap. Please check the instructions for each one.


Can I give the Sacred WE soap as a present?

Yes you can! We can ship directly to designated person, or you can buy our gift certificate.


Does the lunar cycle influence the soap/the bath?

Yes it does, please check the instructions for each soap before using.


Is normal to feel very relaxed after bathing with the soap?

Yes it is. Sacred WE soaps will perform the cleansing of the aura, producing positive energy and inner balance.


Will i get a crystal along with the soap?

Along with the soap, you will receive a crystal to use daily during your meditation, altar or as your lucky charm.


Do I have to consecrate the soap before using?

No, it is not necessary but encouraged. The video provided on the home page is just an example on how you can input your will. Keep in mind that the key word for all this is "will."



"Every plant has a hidden,  reserved, stored power that can only be awakened by having in your heart  gratitude and respect for all life forms" Bruno J. Gimenes