Best Moon to use your Healing Soaps

Crescent Moon

This is a phase of growth in which we can consolidate the projects that started on the new moon. This is a good time to: invest, improve, prosper, intensify relationships, overcome difficulties, and work on projects that were stuck.


Full Moon

During the Full Moon the energy of the earth and our thinking power get stronger. This is the right time for meditations and inner empowerment rituals because the intense energy of the moon helps to fulfill our desires. Sex, fertility, power and sensuality are strong aspects in this period. Remember that at the full moon are all three others, so it is very powerful.


Waning Moon

Symbolize closure and transformation. It is the phase to expel bad energies, finish unfinished work, lessen unnecessary anxieties, and better deal with fears and addictions. It is also the right time to ward off negative people who hurt you.