About US

I was born in Brazil and I came to the United States 25 years ago, where I built my family.

Six years ago I had the opportunity to be introduced to Ayhuasca and my whole life has changed. Ayahuasca showed me what we all know, but we forgot, and gave me a new outlook on life. The one I am dedicating myself to today.
With the knowledge I acquired in the Ayhuasca rituals, I am trying to spread it. I learned to see and feel the subtle energy of people and plants.

It was then that all of what I had learned in college made sense. I studied occult botanics and magical cosmetology and, without realizing it, set the foundation for the birth of Sacred WE.

Sacred WE is a combination of principles of occult magic and herbal medicine.
Plants have a tremendous power, both in the physiological and the spiritual.
Spiritually, they influence the subtle electromagnetic fields by balancing them.

Sacred WE soaps have been formulated through this knowledge and are intended to assist you in the evolutionary process of the human race.

Much love and gratitude,