The spirit of plants

Far Beyond Therapeutic Powers

Herbs have always been used by man, since ancient times as sources of healing, food and well-being.
It was from this popular wisdom that its use was expanded from father to son, across generations, and even aroused scientific interest, which further expanded and expanded its various applications and medicinal effects.
But some plants are beyond their therapeutic effects and have become known through the power of wisdom and popular beliefs, because of their energetic, magical, cleansing, and spiritual protection powers. This knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation.
Over time the ancients realized that herbs had different properties of food and could be used for therapeutic purposes for various ailments and problems.
Thus arose the healers and tribal shamans who, among other things, were responsible for the health of all members of the tribe through their knowledge of herbs and the realm of spirits.
There was no notion of religion as we currently have. The ancients lived in extreme harmony with nature and everything was seen as living, a great mystical and sacred web composed of free spirits and masters of their own destiny.

The great truth is that since ancient times, many cultures have added this magical symbolism to certain herbs and have used them widely to this day.

Possessing an immense amount of sacred universal magical energy, herbs have the strength and act energetically on the spiritual body of people, since they are extremely sensitive, energy catalysts and holders of magical-therapeutic capabilities.
When well combined, they unite the medicinal and symbolic fields and with the intervention of spiritual entities, plants have the power to:

- Perform the cleansing of the aura, producing positive energy and inner balance;

-Resolve issues of material life, bringing prosperity in business, abundance, money;

-Resolve love affairs;

-Give joy;

-Protect health;

-Control fights;

- Remove negative feelings such as anger, jealousy, invent, evil eye.

-Provide healing, luck and vigor;

-Clean, purify and harmonize the environment;

-To calm down; ward off negative thoughts;

- Improve intuition and premonitory ability;

- Attract love and positive energy.


According to Paracelsus, all the magic of the plant kingdom lies in the knowledge of plant spirits.

Antiquity knew them under the names of maids, hamadriadas, silva nos, fauns; they are the diii of St. Augustine, the fairies of the Middle Ages, Doire Oigh of the Gauls, the Grove Maidens of the Irish.

Paracelsus gives the name of wild to the inhabitants of the woods and that of nymphs the aquatic plants.
These beings belong to the class of what the occult classifies as elementals; it is the inhabitants of the astral plane who aspire to rise to the human condition; they are endowed with a kind of instinctive intelligence and vary in form at the same time as the material being to which they are attached.
These are the ones that the ancient Rosicrucians used in their miraculous healing, for, as servants, they obeyed the orders of the spiritual man with all ease and precision.
Their power is so great over the material plane because they dwell on the edge of the astral plane; can effect healing and amazing visions.

Plants offer a very specific vibration, as they act directly on the energy field, mind, body and emotions of all beings.

According to writer and spiritualist Bruno J. Gimenes,

"Every plant has a hidden,  reserved, stored power that can only be awakened by having in your heart  gratitude and respect for all life forms"

Plants know how to protect themselves from human selfishness. It who wants to use its occult medicinal powers but does not have an attitude of love, respect, and gratitude will not achieve its benefits.

The soul of the plants is not necessarily connected to the plant, but with a greater deity that feeds and enhances the plant you use.

Still quoting Bruno J. Gimenes: “to do magic with plants you have to open your heart to feel the soul of the Vegetal Kingdom, and in this way feel the universe of gifts that he has to offer. But that will only be possible if we can express our gratitude, love and respect for this Magical Kingdom. ”

Excerpt: Botanica Medicinal e Oculta- O segredo Oculto das Plantas

2016 Nina Greguer.



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